I am a lupus patient with many inflammatory pains. For the past year or so when it came close to 'that time of month' I would suffer with migraine like headaches for about two weeks. I just accepted it as something I had to live with. About 4 months ago while cooking in the kitchen with my mum...on that specific day I had terrible pain in my hip And my mum suggested I try the lifetones. As of that day we have both been religious liftones users and also my headaches have become far more bearable. I have always been sceptical about health/herbal products. But lifetones has truly changed my mind. I recommend it to anyone And everyone who has any sort of pain.



My pain has retreated. LIFETONES has given me back my life”

I’m Tricia Skea and for the last 12 years I’ve suffered from an ailment that has had me in constant pain from terrible muscle and joint stiffness, aches and pains. If you have this type of condition you will know how very debilitating it is. Your life ceases to be because you cannot move and are in constant pain. My daughter sent me a bottle of LIFETONES to help me travel home from overseas – she insisted that she could help me travel back without pain.
Within two short weeks of starting LIFETONES, my body improved so much that I was actually able to get on that flight and fly back in relative comfort. Since then my pain has just retreated and retreated. It is so incredible to wake up in the morning and be able to move. Before when I got out of bed I used to hold myself back from going “Ah! Ah!” because my body hurt so much! I’m still a little stiff, a little achy; you must do stretching exercises every day.
But once I’ve done my stretching exercises I am on the go, it’s amazing. I am so overwhelmed by LIFETONES and I will not be without that product in my life, ever. I’d advise anybody, please, if you have terribly aching joints or muscles then don’t just walk, run to your nearest pharmacy or health shops for it!

LIFETONES really has changed my life and I was thinking how very aptly named it is, LIFETONES, because it has given me back my life."